Just a little pandemic.

I spent the whole month of February trying to convince my friend Luana, living in Shanghai and pregnant with her first baby, to hurry and come back to her hometown Milan, where she was going to be safe from Covid!

Little I knew about what was about to happen in Lombardia in the following months…

It was the last week of February 2020, and I had carefully planned my work calendar so that I could have the whole week off (it was “carnevale holiday”). So I flew to Morocco with my husband and my two children, eager to see the Northern-African country where my friend Leila lives.

What a beautiful experience it was: argan trees, yummy tajines and couscous, our luxurious rihad and my rough amman experience… until I decided to check the news on my phone and found out Covid had spread to Italy as well. Fast-forward a few days and I landed in Bergamo to have my temperature checked with the gun thermometer for the first time. First of many, many more.

School closure was decided. Then even more drastic measures. And my projects in schools and with my afternoon playgroups got cancelled abruptly. Months of just doing our best to stay sane followed, until luckily I got to do a little bit of work with children again – natural uplifters, rays of sunshine, noisy little explosions of happiness they are!

I am extremely happy and grateful to be working with part of my koala-kids again. I have evolved and adapted to work with safe distances, masks, and hand sanitiser. Here are some pictures of what teacher Elena had fun doing this summer.

Playgroup di Verona Cadidavid 2017-18

Il primo anno dei piccoli koala e’ finito, e quante cose abbiamo fatto!

Per festeggiare abbiamo chiuso in bellezza con una caccia al tesoro, un quizzone e giochi d’acqua. Poi la consegna dei diplomi e di un piccolo regalo per ogni koala.

Ogni bambino interiorizza e impara col proprio ritmo, e per tanta varieta’ ci sono tanti risultati diversi.

Il nostro risultato più grande e’ che i nostri piccoli koala abbiano imparato a giocare, ascoltare e un pochino parlare in inglese grazie ai nostri appuntamenti settimanali. C’e’ tempo per i libri, i compiti a casa, la pressione dei voti e delle pagelle… Noi vogliamo solo usare l’inglese per divertirci!

Un grandissimo THANK YOU alle mamme e ai papa’ che sono stati con noi quest’anno, un anno di grande energia, creatività’ e sperimentazione.

Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to work with the beautiful minds of your children.

E ora… tutti in vacanza!